FSREPAINT v. 2.25 Available

FSREPAINT v. 2.25 has been released by its developer. Priced at USD $25 its a must for Simmers that like to dabble into repaints. Here is the detail of the release. More info and purchase links at the main website : HERE

We quote :

Real time visualization of the 3D model as you repaint.
Up to four 3D windows for simultaneous views of the aircraft from different points of view.
Feature-rich built-in texture editor.
Support for several major external editors, for those of you who don’t want to use the built-in editor.
Ability to visualize the model in day and night conditions.
Texture format and size conversion. 2.25.56 build 0

– much faster aircraft load times.
– the program will not waste time scanning for aircraft after creating or deleting a variation.
support for 4096 x 4096 pixels textures.
– support for PMDG models.
– fixed: several aircraft models were being displayed with visual glitches.
support for aircraft designed with Prepar3D’s new PBR material.
– this version should find and work with aircraft installed under the ADD-ONS folder.
– this version should allocate less Windows memory.
– fixed: several “out of resources” and “Access violation” errors.
– built-in editor: the color palette was enlarged.
– built-in editor: rotate a selection is much faster now.
– built-in editor: fixed: copy and paste were ignoring the alpha channel.
– built-in editor: fixed: copy and paste were sending to clipboard an image larger than the selected one.
– built-in editor: now you need to confirm all operations when using the texture tool.
– new feature: export variation (under the tools menu).
– new feature: now you can specify a texture resolution when exporting and changing the texture format.
– variation properties and create a new variation screen: new fields – aircraft and variation paths.
– fixed: AutoSave was not working at all.
– fixed: when using an external editor, the program was not detecting when you’ve saved a texture.
– fixed: when using an external editor, sometimes the program was showing “DIRECTX error (could not create temporary texture)”
– fixed: now you can open the help file using the F1 key.
– fixed: the auto update feature now is working.