X-Plane 10.10 Beta 6 Released

X-Plane 10.10 Beta 6 has been released see below for the list of changes :










  • Red/White Flashlight added!
  • “Mouse-Look” Re-implemented in a new way…Double right-click and the mouse will lock-in as camera control in any view. Change views or right click again to disable it.
  • Quick-Look view prefs have been renamed from *_prefs.txt to *_view_prefs.txt. If you already had quicklook commands set, they will not be used until you rename them in your aircraft’s directory.
  • Additional improvements to terrain textures. Albert hopes to have these finished by the end of the beta run.
  • WE ONLY CALIBRATE JOYSTICKS WHEN THE JOYSTICK WINDOW IS UP NOW! So, to calibrate your joysticks, you have to go to the joystick window… you cannot just wiggle your joystick around to let X-Plane automatically find the joystick extrema… you have to be in the joystick window!
  • Flight model refined a hair: There will be no measurable difference for any reasonably conventional flight, but now we handle sideslip angles of even 90 degrees, or backwards flight, on wings with crazy dihedral and sweep and incidence angles,with more geometric perfection… even though this does not represent a flight regime where you ever operate in a conventional airplane, we still nailed the theoretical geometry down just get mathematical perfection there.
  • Also, the supersonic dynamics improved a hair in computing drag over the fuselage.
  • My Evo is now in the EXPERIMENTAL folder. There s no external model, and the panel is a joke, but it FLIES right. Of course, we will improve this over time to be a good model of the aircraft!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed quick-look views so they no longer reset back to “center” when changing views in cockpit
  • Fixed a bug causing ATC to crash if “AI Flies Plane” is selected
  • Fixed a bug causing ATC to crash if an airport without a proper flow was selected.
  • Scroll wheel now works in all sections of the quick-flight and open aircraft dialogs.
  • Fixed powerlines that fly up at DSF boundary near EHRD.
  • 747 airspeed indicator fixed.
  • Sectional map shading and water fixed.
  • Water fixed in HITS instrument.
  • Camera instrument fixed.
  • Datarefs for object drawing location are now in OGL coordinates. This fix makes v10 work the way v9 did.
  • Control-click acts like right click for Mac users with old one-button mice.
  • Fixed jitter and shake of cloud shadows when HDR is enabled.
  • Fixed ATTR_lit_level to properly scale lights during the day.

Aircraft Authoring:

  • Plane-Maker now has a popup UI to show/hide objects and the visualizations of interior and exterior lights. Since the exterior lights are now drawn as cones (with small discs at their source point) the 3-d view can get messy. Simply turn off the visualizations you don’t want to see, or hide your objects to get a better view of what is going on.
  • ATTR_cockpit can be used in any attached object. This has always been true (despite warnings in the docs) but the implementation only worked some of the time.
  • The cockpit object can now be marked as glass, as well as interior or exterior. Mark it as glass if you need to use panel texture in your windows. X-Plane will attempt to guess whether the cockpit object should be glass on older airplanes to maintain compatibility.
  • Spill lights only affect the interior if they are attached to an interior object; they only affect the exterior and world if they are attached to an exterior object. Use this to fix problems like landing lights flooding the cabin or cabin lights illuminating the runway below the airplane.

Beech Baron 58 Fixes/Improvements:

  • Wing landing lights added with independent control switches for left/right
  • Revised Autopilot and annunciator panel so all modes work, including APPR
  • ADF 1 added
  • HSI now uses Nav 1, Nav2 and GPS
  • Nav 2 VOR added
  • Flight model improved
  • Wing Ice light works
  • Clock added to yoke
  • Instrument night lighting fixed to work. No more lit instruments when power is off.
  • Avionics fun doesn’t come on when power is off.
  • Dash annunciators improved and work properly
  • Taxi light added to nose gear, aligned and working properly.

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