FSFlyingSchool Pro v 5.8.4 for FSX/FS2004/Prepar3D/XPlane

FSFlyingSchool have released a new version of their add-on for FSX/FS2004. Version 5.8.4 has many tweaks and new features including :

It’s never been easier to use: 
You can now land anywhere you like and your instructors will know which runway you have chosen. You do not need to file a flight plan and you do not need to create the runway files that FSFlyingSchool used previously.
Just get lined up with a runway ahead of you when you descend, in landing mode, below 500 feet above ground. The instructor will look ahead, figure which runway you are heading for and announce where you are going to land. Easy!

No need to file a flight plan:
Fly any route you wish with full evaluation of your performance.
Instructor knows which runway you are landing at.
Even without a flight plan or ILS, and will give advice on how to land.
Instructor knows which runway you are taking off from.
Make sure that you are headed down the runway you want when you select take off mode.
Instructor will comment and give advice on the runway you have selected.
No need to land on a fixed point on the runway.
Any reasonable landing on a runway will get a reasonable score.

Flight Plan Page: Auto-read FSX’s current flight plan.
We’ve added a new check box to this screen which, if turned on, will mean that FSFS will always read FSX’s current flight plan when you press the connect button in FSFS. This is a great time saver!

Settings Page: Spoken Teaching Tips.
We’ve added a new check box to this screen which, if turned on, will mean that FSFS will speak a series of helpful tips when you fly with FSFS.
These tips are always in the same voice and are clearly different from a normal ‘instructor’ voice. The idea is that these tips are like training wheels on a bicycle and are telling you how to use FSFS and Flight Simulator itself.
Once you have got the basics of these operations down, you may wish to turn these basic tips off.

Friendlier scoring system:
Rewards all flights which were basically safe – higher scores require plenty of skill.
If you can walk away from your landing – you will get a score. If you crash – you will not!

Numerical data added to log book:
Shows details of flight performance, such as landing speed, distance from threshold, approach accuracy and more.
Runway length and threshold now part of landing evaluation.
Landings have never been easier – just land beyond the threshold (even when displaced), on the runway, and not too long, and you’ll be looking at great scores.
Airfield cities and facility names added to log book.
No longer just the ICAO code – now you get to see your full airfield names.

It also comes packaged with a demo of  their new On Approach PLUS Pack which can be upgraded by purchasing a license through their website.

The On Approach PLUS Pack for FSFlyingSchool Pro adds to the built in instant ‘On Approach’ feature of FSFlyingSchool Pro, which allows pilots to set up approaches to landing, anywhere in the world, with just a few mouse clicks.

Works with FSX and FS2004.

With the addition of the On Approach PLUS Pack for FSFlyingSchool Pro, the pilot can now begin an approach, at any runway in the world, on a path that will intersect the final approach path.

The intersecting path can be from the left or the right of the final approach and the pilot can choose to set the length of the intersecting path in nautical miles, or can alternatively let FSFlyingSchool Pro set the length based on the pilot’s initial approach speed.

This new feature is a handy way to practice intersecting the glideslope and localizer, or for just practicing “getting onto final”.

You can now optionally set the altitude for your approach if you do not wish the program to compute it automatically.

A new set of filters allow you to set the minimum and maximum length of a randomly chosen runway. This is a great way to practice short field approaches… or to make sure there is enough room to land that big airliner!

A new filter allows you to set the surface type of a randomly chosen runway. How about landing on sand today and planks tomorrow?

The pilot can now choose to set the surface wind for the approach relative to the runway rather than as a compass heading. This makes setting up crosswind approaches even faster!

If you want to fly the world with the On Approach PLUS Pack for FSFlyingSchool Pro simply buy a On Approach PLUS Pack for FSFlyingSchool Pro key and enter it into a registered version of FSFlyingSchool Pro.

– Cost of adding the On Approach PLUS Pack  to an existing FSFlyingSchool Pro is $9.95

– Cost of the  FSFlyingSchool Pro base pack depends on the platform, check out their site for further details on pricing: http://www.fsflyingschool.com/


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