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A2A Cessna 172 – Imminent update!

Whilst in communication with Scott Gentile of A2A regarding the Cessna 172 Trainer for review information, he informed us of some changes that will very shortly be released as an update.

He stated ” There were some clickspots not working in the VC for a small number of users and we could not track down the problem, but it is now fixed”

Also they have released some further information on their forums of some changes that are now in testing and if all is well we should have and update very soon indeed. He is the detail of the items under test.

” We’re putting a new update beta into testing today and if all is OK, may put it out here for anyone to try.

Simulated Elevator Force
During development and through the heavy flight testing of the Cessna 172R, we started to identify differences between the actual yoke movements in the aircraft and how flight simmers interpret their own controller movements. Now with the masses weighing in, we’ve narrowed this down to two distinctly different camps defined as “Pressure flyers” and “Deflection flyers.” Pressure flyers respond to stick spring pressure, while deflection flyers respond to stick deflection and this interpretation happens somewhere between the hand and the brain. My own personal experience on this is, I used to be a pressure flyer, but with the steady activity flying different aircraft types I’ve slowly become a deflection flyer. However, we’ve seen even active pilots that fly flight simulation, fall into either of these camps and anywhere in between. Here at A2A, we’ve always said “we believe in options.” We always want the customer to be king in determining what is right for them and this is largely what this update has been about – our responding to customer needs and wishes. We think / hope we created a bridge for both camps and everyone in between, below.

There is a new slider in the CONTROLS menu (SHIFT-3) called the “Simulated elevator force” scalar which the user can adjust the elevator sensitivity based on the simulated forces on the yoke. A value of 0 is the current setup for deflection flyers, and pressure flyers can move the scalar up to fit their needs. This would give full elevator authority at slower speeds, yet allow those who find it too sensitive on their controllers to adjust to their personal preferences.

Brake axis and taxiing
Some have reported being “stuck” on the ground while taxiing on different surfaces. Our research and testing has determined that there isn’t a single source to this, but several. One has been some controllers not fully releasing the brakes. Another is how FSX manages differential braking. We took Cessna 172R “35 Hotel” up yesterday to dig deeper into this area, installing three cameras with one fixed on the rudder pedals. We then adjusted how the controllers interpret FSX and will be testing this today. ”

New Accu-Sim Torque and P-factor Physics
We removed all FSX torque and p-factor and replaced it with new physics in Accu-Sim. This is an all-new system and is still in progress, but so far what we see is a significant improvement over what we’ve seen in FSX.

Source : Scott Gentile & A2A forums


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