Manfred Jahn’s DC3 / C47 / C117 to get VC upgrade!

This report was brought to our attention via AirDailyX ( whom first posted this news.

After checking out the SimOutHouse forums we bring you the latest info :

Manfred Jahn’s DC3 / C47 / C117 to get VC upgrade!

A free upgrade to Manfred Jahn’s DC3 / C47 / C117 is being worked on further improve what is an absolutely fantastic freeware add-on.

We featured his C117 product in the latest issue of FSPilot Magazine (Issue 9) which has a relatively good cockpit though rather too modern in its representation. Being produced is a version more fitting to the original Dc3’s.

Here is how it started to come together and we quote from the SOH forum post from Javis:

Manfred’s DC-3 gets authentic VVC !

That rhymes. What doesn’t rhyme, at least not in my dedicated DC-3 fan book, is Manfred’s superb external rendition of a vintage DC-3/C-47 model fitted with a modern VC derived from his equally superb Basler BT67 Turboprop model. No doubt like many DC-3 aficionado’s here at the SOH FSX forum i have been waiting for either Manfred or any other FS aircraft developer to sort out this shortcoming.

Sofar nobody applied for the job. No wonder really because it involves a lot of hard work spanning several months at least.

As a retired FS aircraft designer myself my hands have been itching, believe me! ( i worked on several FS DC-3 iterations on and off just about trough my whole ‘FS design career’ ). After Manfred released v2 of his gorgeous DC-3 model and Ted (Tufun) released his amazing DC-3 sound suite on top of that ( listen carefully to the enchanting idle sound of the engines and you might hear a repeating whisper : “DC3 needs VVC, DC3 needs VVC, DC3 needs VVC…” ) it was just too much for me to hold off any longer, forget my retirement for a while and get to work.

No sooner said than done. Both Manfred and Hansi ( who will be doing the programming) liked the idea and for a couple weeks now i’ve got the DC-3 VVC (Vintage Virtual Cockpit) show on the road. Manfred thought it would be a good idea to not only update him and Hansi on the development progress but deal all DC-3 fans here at SOH in as well.

The first way point to navigate to was to figure out what setup of the panel/instruments to choose for our VVC. As you know there’s a plethora of setups to choose from, no DC-3 cockpit is alike. One thing clear: no modern instruments, vintage is vintage. (maybe a selectable GPS for people who like that sort of thing). After checking out a few candidates we decided to go with a DC-3 panel that is being restored in orginal vintage condition. Mostly because the panel does not sit inside the cockpit and features seperate, good photos of all instruments. Wonderful job by a gentleman called Bart Nopper from the Netherlands. (he also works on an amazing superscale model of a C-47).On top of that the setup also features an original 1937 Sperry Type A-3 ‘Gyropilot’ which we like very much to be available in our DC-3 VVC.

So, lets start with the panel and instruments then. As we say here in Holland “de eerste klap is ‘n daalder waard” (the first blow is half the battle).

To get an idea of what the virtual panel would look like i glued two photo’s of the restoration panel together, cleaned it up and matched the bitmap to the panel that sits in the current VC. Needed to make the panel a bit higher. Here’s what it looked like :”

Back to our text : from this point Javis has moved forward in cutting out the custom panel plate, modeled the internal windshield structure and center pedestal and that looks as follows:

The pedestal has been further worked on to look like this:

Now lets see what has happened when the pedestal and now basic textured panel are brought together:

Now its starting to look really very nice, but wait how about some seats for the crew and perhaps a flight column:

OK, lets put them in with the panel and console thus far:

Wow, excellent that really is looking great now, that is as far as it is up to now. For sure it’s going to be even more detailed and when final textures are applied it will be as good as any payware offering out there. Hansi will have his hands full with the coding, but if everything comes together we will soon have an excellent cockpit for and excellent model from Manfred Jan.

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