Captain Sim Boeing 777 Proline

Captain Sim have release the next version of their B777 Proline Project. As you may know this is one of those pre-purchase of a  Work in Progress version of  a product for which you get incremental releases that iron out any bugs and add additional features to what will become a final release. Basically you become a Beta tester, but some believe that its’s better to get an almost working product than having to wait for the final release and or Service Packs to cure issues that were not found in a rushed release for example. Service Pack 0.7 is available and includes SP 0.201, SP 0.3 , SP 0.4, SP 0.5, SP 0.6 plus the following new features and enhancements:

            – Joystick throttle disconnection when A/T is on
            – GPU and APU power lost fixed
            – External air connection fixed
            – RAT functionality improved
            – Engines startup/shutdown animation improved
            – External lighting control improved
            – Throttles on A/T animation improved
            – FMC initial position set coordinates zeroed out fixed
            – 2D COMM panel added
            – Presaved flights are available for non-English systems
            – ND route drawing improved
            – PLAN mode added (EFIS, FMC and ND)
            – Right EFIS ND range selector fixed
                       – Auto-update utility improved
      Captainsim have also decided to include the 777-200LR variant into the 777-200 base pack free of charge. The 777-200LR will feature its own flight model, FMC and systems integration, and it will come in three popular liveries.


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