New from Lionheart Creations, the Robin DR400 / 180

Just released by Lionheart Creations is the Robin DR400 / 180.

This is the classic, famed General Aviation plane of most of Europe, the Robin DR400, designed by Pierre Robin.  This particular model is the DR400 / 180, featuring a higher performance 180 HP engine.  The DR400 is a wood based aircraft with wood ribbing wing structures covered with aircraft fabric.  The fuselage is mostly skinned, high grade woods as  well.  The interior seats 4 people neatly and usually sports a very nice Avionics stack.  This
aircraft is said to be in higher numbers then Cessna at most all air clubs and flying schools and small air strips and airports.  It is probably one of ‘the’ most famous GA planes in most of Europe.

This package features;
*  5 Aircraft liverie paint schemes
*  Detailed instrument panel with all 3D switches and knobs, animated as well
*  Sophisticated Garmin GNS-430 GPS nav system
*  Authentic Robin fuel, tachometer, and air speed instruments including popup window modes
*  High detail interior
*  Authentic starter button at fuel selector
*  Animated pilot that scans instruments and the horizon

This package addon is for Prepar3D Flight Training Simulator, and Microsoft Flight Simulator
X, FSX with the SP1 Service Pack.

(Source : lionheartcreations)

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