AFS-Design Release Eurofighter Typhoon

AFS-Design has released a rendition of the Eurofighter Typhoon – Professional for FSX & FS2004












Here are the highlights of the package.


– Aircraft ID variable identifiers in the German Euro Fighter
– Interactive fly wingman in the second Eurofighter
– Interactive engine – new sound effects
– Individual adjustment of external loads and animations
– Paintings with real acting dirt and scuff marks
– Detailed descriptions of cutaways

Procedure – Display managment 

– MAN truck with tow bar – Enable / Disable
– Ladder – Enable / Disable
– Parabrake – Enable / Disable
– Wingman – Enable / Disable
– Radom – Open / Close

External load screen, to select the following suspensions 

– Meteor
– Paveway III
– AGM-65 Maverick
– A 27 mm Mauser BK-27 cannon with 150 rounds of ammunition
– As well as additional tanks at three stations, each with 1,000 liter of fuel












Full 3D virtual cockpit 

– Increased resolution and new 3D elements
– All switches and controls are shown in 3D
– New 3D e.g. details MFDs, HUD display, Pedall, leg room, ejection seat, control stick

Extensive overviews 

– External model with the one- and two- seater version of the Eurofighter
– New 2D Panel
– Interactive virtual cockpit (3D) with three different views
– 1. view of the pilot of the single-seat version
– 2. view of the pilot from the two-seater version
– 3. view of the instructor from the two-seater version

New external model 

– Many new textures, such as the
– Indian Air Force as a potential new major customer of Eurofighter
– Special painting: JG 73 “Steinhoff” and JG 74 at Neuburg – 50 years of JG 74
– Up to two wingmen fly interactively with you

Interactive displays (MFD – multi function display) 

– Multi-function radar with various Radarmodis
=> for scanning and interception of AI traffic air traffic
– Interactive checklists for departure, cruise and approach flights
=> to MFDs callable

Source : (AFS-Design)


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