Alabeo : Cessna 404 Titan WIP!

Alabeo have posted new WIP screens with the comment ‘Coming very soon!!’ on their Facebook page, so we can probably expect a release in the next week or two! Here are the screens : Source : Alabeo

Aerosoft : EGCC Manchester WIP!

Over on the Aerosoft forums four new screens of the still at early stages EGCC Manchester airport scenery have been posted show the ground detailing. Looking good! Here are the screens. Source : Aerosoft Forums

Milviz : P38L Lightning II Review!

Milviz released an new version of the P38 lightning after a successful Red Bull release last year. This time they have released the P-38L Variant. FSPilot have carried out a pictorial review with comments which can be

Justflight / Metal2Mesh : Mirage 2000C Released!

Justflight have announced the release of the Metal2Mesh Mirage 2000C. Here is what Justflight have to say from the product page which can be found via the source link below : We quote – The impressive Metal2Mesh

Orbx – W28 Sequim Valley WIP!

Iain Emms of the Orbx team has posted screens of their upcoming scenery W28 Sequim Valley and its looking very nice! Here are some of the screens, more via the source link. Source : Orbx Forum Post

Orbx – ENNK Narvik Airport WIP!

Iain Emms of the Orbx team has posted screens of their upcoming scenery ENNK Narvik airport and it sure looks beautiful with its elevated runway and the detail in the surrounding areas. One to look out for when

Carenado : PA31 Navajo – More WIP!

Posted on their Facebook page are more new WIP screens, this time showing interior as well as exterior views. Here are the screens. Source : Carenado Facebook Page

Milviz : P-38L Lightning Released!

Following our report earlier this week of an imminent release of this product well yesterday saw it appear on the flight line. News was released via their Facebook page and there is now a full product page

Carenado : Hawker850XP – FSPilot’s Review!

FSPilot has performed a review of Carenado’s recently released Hawker 850XP. It is available in two downloadable formats : HQ pdf file can be downloaded here : (requires pdf reader) or HQ flip style booklet can be

Carenado : PA31 Navajo WIP!

Posted on their Facebook page which I missed late yesterday are these five new screens of the exterior of the P31 Navajo project and its up to Carenado’s usual high quality standard. Here are the screens :-

Milviz : P38l Lightning on finals!

Over on the SOH forums a post by Kat of Milviz shows the latest screens of the very soon to be released P38l. Here are the latest screens plus a comment made by Kat that indicates an

IRIS Simulations : Grob G115E/Tutor T.1. new WIP!

Posted on their Facebook page are new screens of their upcoming Grob G115E/Tutor T.1. and its sure looking very nice. An early access opportunity may happen as soon as later this week according to this snippet also posted

Megasceneryearth : Ultra-Res Cities – Nashville Released!

Informed via a press release is the news of the release of Megasceneryearth : Ultra-Res Cities – Nashville. Here is the information. Link to sales page via source link. We quote – Ultra-Res Cities take MegaSceneryEarth realism to

Justflight / M2M : Mirage 2000C release soon!

Posted on the Justflight Facebook Page is the following news concerning the M2M Mirage 2000C : We quote – We’re delighted to announce that the Metal2Mesh Development Mirage 2000C will be launching exclusively on Just Flight this

Aeroplane Heaven : Devon WIP!

Posted on their Facebook page are new screens of the current WIP on the Devon project and that cockpit sure looks great. Still WIP so any errors you may see will probably be fixed before release! Here

IRIS – First Pilatus PC-24 Cockpit Renders!

Posted on their Facebook page are these first renders of the Virtual Cockpit (Without textures) Note : Early images which could be subject to change! Source : IRIS Facebook page

Razbam – A7 Latest screen shots and news!

Posted on their Facebook page is the following news update and screens. We quote :- After some initial issues (some made by ourselves to be honest) we have finally begun testing of the tac pack A-7’s, i

Carenado – Hawker 850XP -22 April!

Carenado have announced the release date for the Hawker 850XP along with some final screens. Release date 22 April 2015, get your wallets ready!!! Source : Carenado Facebook Page

OrbxFTX : ENJA Jan Mayensfield Freeware released!

Posted on their forums is the news of the release of – FTX ENJA Jan Mayensfield Freeware scenery : Here is what they had to say and a published screen – Richard Bui has done a remarkable job


From Official Press Release :   PRESS RELEASE Date: 17TH April 2015 For Immediate Release  FLIGHT SIM 2015 SHOW DATE CONFIRMED – DISCOUNTED ADVANCE TICKETS NOW ON SALE! After two very successful and enjoyable shows at the