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Aerosoft – F14 Tomcat – FSPilot’s own Screens!

Recently released the Aerosft F14 Tomcat was along expected add-on by fighter lovers in the FS environment. Promising to be a high quality / detailed model ...

Cessna U206G Soloy Turbine Pac Mark I + II WIP!

We reported on this development over at FSDeveloper by contributor ‘TiAr‘ some time ago and the first renders of the VC looked good. Now he ...

Orbx FTX – EU Norway Latest Beta Screens!

Posted on the Orbx FTX Forums are the latest Beta test flight screena by team member ‘Sylvain Delepierre‘ looking awesome!! Here are the screens ...

Orbx FTX – Updates for UK Airports – EGHA, EGHP, EGHR, EGKA & EGTH!

Posted on their forums is the news of the following UK airports having updates since the triple installers were released. The airports are : EGHA, EGHP, ...

Flysimware – Bell 47G & Sioux H-13 V2 Released

vised via an email is the news of an update of the Flysimware’s Bell 47G & Sioux H-13 FSX-P3D to  V2. Here is what they had to say – ...

Flysimware – Cessna 441 V1.3 Update Released!

Advised via email is the news of an update hot on the heels to the recently released Cessna 441 to V1.2 is V1.3. Here is the news we quote – REV 1.3 ...
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Flysimware – Cessna 441 V1.2 Update Released!

Advised via email is the news of an update to the recently released Cessna 441 to V1.2. Here is the news we quote – REV 1.2 UPDATES: DEC 4, 2014 New ...

Aerosoft – F14 Tomcat Released!

Via the Aerosoft Forums is the news that the F14 Tomcat has now officially been released – Here is the information from the product page – ...

Eaglesoft – Cessna Citation XLS+ !

Posted on the FSDeveloper Forums are three screenshots posted by contributor ‘N2056’ with the following text. We quote – Here are a few ...
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Nemeth – Eurocopter BK117 Getting Closer!

Posted on their Facebook page Nemeth design have posted new screens of their upcoming BK117 including the first cockpit screens and liveries. This would ...
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Justflight – Tristar Professional Released!

Released late yesterday was the Tristar Professional package from Justflight. Been watching the development  of the upgrade of this three holler over ...
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Qualitywings – Latest B787 Livery Previews!

Posted on  their Facebook page are some new preview liveries for the upcoming B787 – Here they are plus a panel detail shot : Source : Qualitywings ...
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Aerosoft – Tomcat Released delayed until tomorrow.

Posted on the Aerosoft Forums by Mathijs Kok is the news that the Tomcat has been delayed for release until tomorrow. Here what he said in the forum post ...

Orbx FTX – Two new triple installers!

Posted on their forums is the news of two new triple installers being released. – Here is the news we quote : WA56 Israel’s Farm Triple installer The ...
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UK2000 – EGPK Prestwick Extreme – FSPilot’s own screens!

Released last week was UK2000’s EGPK Prestwick Glasgow International scenery package. We have now had time to do a quick look via screenshots of ...
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VertigoStudios – SPAD 7 FSPilot’s own screens!

We have been generously given a copy of the recently released Spad 7 by Vertigo Studios to enable us to take our own screen details etc of the aircraft. ...

Razbam – Embraer 120 “Brasilia” first Colors!

Posted on their Facebook page is the first render of a livery for the upcoming Embraer 120 “Brasilia”. Here is the render, looks nice! Source ...
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Orbx FTX – Victa Air Tourer – FSPilot’s own Screenshots!

Released earlier today was the Orbx FTX – Victa Air Tourer. Here are our own screens of this add-on plus a short assessment. The quality of the build ...

MegaSceneryEarth – Ultra-Res Cities – Boise, Idaho – Released!

Informed via a press relaese is the news of MegaSceneryEarth – Ultra-Res Cities – Boise, Idaho – being released : Here is what they had ...

Carenado – Cessna S550 Citation II WIP!

Posted on their Facebook site are screens of the CARENADO S550 Citation II FSX/P3D – EFIS and MFD testing WIP!. Here they are for you to enjoy! ...
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