Carenado : S550 Citation II Almost Done!

Posted on their Facebook page are apparently the final screens of this hot twin biz jet. Carenado say its almost done, so you won’t have to hold your breathe too long to get your hands on this

MilViz – FG-1D Corsair WIP!

Posted on the SOH Forums by contributor ‘katoun’ are renders of an upcoming project by MilViz – The FG-1D Corsair. Here is the news and actual screens not renders of the cockpit: We quote – Here are some cockpit

KLIA2 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport!

Posted on the forums of FSDeveloper are renders of a second stage development of Kuala Lumpur International Airport by contributor ‘jtanabodee‘ here is what he had to say plus some renders. More renders at the forum source link

Orbx FTX: Monument Valley Released!

First Scenery release of 2015 is Monument Valley. Here is news from the Orbx FTX Forums : We quote – Valley of the Rocks. Monument Valley is located on the Arizona-Utah state line and is a large area

Orbx FTX – FTX Global Freeware Airports EU Pack 7 Released!

Posted on their Forums is the news of the release of FTX Global Freeware Airports EU Pack 7. Here is the news. We quote: Sylvain’s next Freeware Airport pack for Europe is ready for downloading. Head over to

RealAir – Turbine Duke V2 Released!

TURBINEDUKEV2 TURBINE PERFORMANCE The Turbine Duke features powerful Pratt and Whitney PT6A turbine engines in place of the original Duke’s piston engines. These new engines lift the performance of the Duke to a whole new level and

Quality Wings : Development Status!

Posted on their Facebook Page is a full update of what is happening on their current developments and for your convenience we have posted the full article here  : We quote – QualityWings Status Update (4Q2014) December

Nemeth Designs – BK117 B2 Patch /Paint Kit and 12 New Liveries!

Nemeth designs have released a service patch, paint kit and a set of 12 new liveries for their recently released BK117 B2. Below is a link to the product patch page where you can  get the patch, paint kit

Metal2Mesh : MIG 29 WIP!

Metal2Mesh have issued a single render of a new product for 2015 the MIG 29, but no indication for which platform as yet. Here is the render : Source : M2M Facebook Page

REX Soft Clouds : Volumetric soft cloud textures!

REX have announced an new cloud enhancement which uses the core features of PREPAR3D v2 while it also realistically enhances the FSX, FSX-Steam Edition and PREPAR3D v.1.4 cloud environment. Here is what they have to say. We quote :

Orbx FTX : FTX openLC EU 1.10 update released!

Posted on the Orbx FTX Forums is the news of an update to FTX openLC EU to version 1.10. Here is the news. We quote: The 1.10 update for openLC Europe is now available.  The main changes are:

Orbx FTX – Orbxlibs 141228 Released!

Posted on their forums is the news of a new version of the Orbxlibs to version 141228. Here is the news. We quote : A new version of Orbxlibs is available.  https://www.fullterr…upport#Orbxlibs  Changes are: Fixed error with some StaticFlow

Carenado – Piper PA31 Navajo WIP!

Posted on their Facebook page are new images of their upcoming development the Piper PA31 Navajo and thus far its looking very nice indeed. Here are the screens : Source : Carenado Facebook Page

Canadair Challenger 605 WIP!

Over on the FSDeveloper forums contributor ‘ozzman1997‘ has posted a new render of a Canadair Challenger 605 that he’s working on. Here is what he had to say plus the render : Here’s a close-to-final render of the 605,

Razbam Sims – Christmas Sale!

Razbam Sims have posted via their Facebook page the news that their products are on sale with some very special discounts during the festive season and up to the 6th of January 2015. Check it out via

Carenado – S550 Citation II WIP!

New screens of the very soon to be released Carenado S550 Citation II show it accompanied a Ground Power Unit which will be a visual as well as functional option in the package. Will we see a release

Orbx FTX – Monument Valley WIP!

Posted on their forms by Orbx team member ‘Iain Emms’ are new screens taken in FSX of their monument Valley development and its sure looking good. Reminds me of the old Westerns. YeeeeHaaaa!!!!!! Here are some of

Avolon firms up order for 15 A330neo aircraft!

Posted as an Airbus Press release : Avolon firms up order for 15 A330neo aircraft : We quote – Avolon, the Dublin-based, global aircraft leasing firm, has firmed up its contract for 15 A330neo aircraft. Avolon became one

Nemeth Designs – MBB/Kawasaki BK-117 B2 (FSX) – FSPilot’s Shots!

Released about two weeks ago was the Nemeth Bk117 B2. Both the External and Internal modelling is to a very high level of quality and detailing as we have recently come accustomed to from the Nemeth camp.

Boeing / Air China Announce Commitment for 60 737s!

Via a Boeing press release, we quote : Boeing is pleased that Air China has committed to purchase 60 737s, including Next-Generation 737 and 737 MAX airplanes. The commitment is valued at more than $6 billion at